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The Giving Cookie Club

Join the Cookie Club, get a year of cookies, AND help us CHANGE LIVES through education!

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join in two easy steps!

Step #1 - Fill out the simple form below.

Step #2 - Make a reccuring donation. Once you submit the form, it will take you to our paypal page. Simply choose how much you would like to donate monthly, and **be sure to check the "make this a monthly donation" box.**

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Photo Credit: Empower Mali

Get Ready for Cookies!

Once a month until

October 2022

a delicious box of cookies will be delivered right to your door! Cookie delivery day is the  

3rd Wednesday of every month

to the following cities:







After submitting this form, you will be directed to our paypal page. Donate and check the recurring payment box to complete the process. Get ready for your first cookie delivery on the next 3rd Wednesday of the month!


Why the Cookie Club?

  • We've had a lot of feedback from people telling us two things. First, they never know when cookie days will be and second, they always forget to order in time. We hope the consistency and predictability of the Cookie Club solves these two problems!

How much should I donate?

  • We really like the idea of letting you choose how much you would like to donate each month. As a point of reference, one box of cookies typically costs $15.00. (About $5-$6 of that is spent to buy the ingredients for your box of cookies, and ALL the rest goes directly into our school fund.)

What if I don't live in one of the cities that you deliver to?

  • Help us make a new delivery route! We'd love to make our cookies available to you, but we need enough members in your area to make it logistically possible.  If you live somewhere between Castle Rock and Loveland, contact us and let us know you'd like cookies! We can work together to find people in your area to join the club so we can add your city to our delivery route!

What if I want a box of chocolate chip, not the variety box?  

  • Simply use the comment box on the form to let us know you would like the chocolate chip box instead! (Please be sure to specify if you would like chocolate chip every time or just one specific month.)

Can I give this as a gift?

  • Yes. If you would like the cookies to go to a different address than your billing address on Pay Pal, just enter the address where you would like the cookies to be sent each month on the form.

Can I cancel any time?

  • Yep! If you're not 100% happy with the Cookie Club, feel free to cancel through Pay Pal at any time.

What if I want cookies just one time?

  • For now, we will still have our normal way of making a single order- just go to the 'order now' page. Once our Cookie Club is at capacity, however, we will discontinue single ordering.

I have more questions! 

  • Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! This is all new for us too, so we'd love any questions or comments you have for us!

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