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Giving Cookie NEWS


The school and the well are complete and fully functional.

They are both being used every day by the people of Kankrougou and Kepelegue!

THank you!

We couldn't have done it without each one of you and the amazing support we received from everyone! Thank you for ordering cookies, making both small and large personal donations, and helping us spread the word! 

Old News

Here's some information we have previously shared...

image4 (1).jpeg

Construction has begun!

Take a look at these pictures of the ground breaking ceremony, bricks being made, and the first stages of construction!

Our Final Goal

We recently discovered that a village near Kankrougou has very limited access to clean water. We've decided to really stretch and set one final goal to raise enough to build a well.

We've reached our textbook goal!

We've already reached our goal to fill our school with books! This will make such a huge difference as the kids begin learning in their new school. Thank you!!!

Shadow on Concrete Wall

the timeline

View a quick summary of The Giving Cookie for 2022 in timeline form here.


Discover more about how our school will be built and learn about our partner organization, Empower Mali, here.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The name

We've decided on a name for the school! Find out what it is and why we chose it here.

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