Autumn Fun

Cookie Boxes

The following four delicous cookies are  in our Autumn Fun variety box:

Pumpkin Caramel

Chocolate Turtle Pecan

Apple Cider

Reeses Party

Our chocolate chip box is also available to order & includes four mouthwatering
Kate's Chipper Chocolate Chip Cookies

For Cookies?

If you live in one of the following areas, get ready, we're coming your way!









Celebrate the fall season by sharing cookie goodness with your family and friends!

We Cookie


In 2021, 100% of all profits go directly toward building a school in Mali.  We "cookie" to bring hope and shape a brighter future.  We are all volunteers- no one is ever paid. Every cent that isn't spent on ingredients for your cookies goes directly into our school fund.  Our goal is $50,000 in three years.  That's a lot of cookies! Thanks for helping us get closer with your order! 

Variety Box


Flavor Now?

Want a 

The seasonal variety box contains a selection of four cookies.  The selection changes by season and we are continually inventing, so check back frequently, or sign up for monthly updates to find out if we are in your area, and which amazing cookies will be available!

You can pick your own flavors outside of our seasonal variety box with our new "Most Expensive Cookies You'll Ever Buy" Box! It may sound crazy, but along with the chance to pick your own cookies, you also get the chance to help us change the lives of children in Mali. 

If you've already ordered the "Most Expensive Cookies You'll Ever Buy" box, and have received a passcode!